Our Next Wednesday Meeting

Wednesday Sept 25 2013 5PM

CCIS L1-047‎

(Pizza and refreshments after the talk- Please bring $7 to cover the cost.)

Exoplanets: What are they, and how are they found?

Dr. Stefan Cartledge
MacEwan University


In short, exoplanets are planets that orbit stars other than the Sun. We can now confirm the existence of between 900 and 1000 exoplanets and describe some of their properties using a variety of detection techniques. The basics of three successful methods (radial velocity, transit, gravitational microlensing) with be discussed, with emphasis on how these can be viewed as applications of material taught in high school science and physics. Further, an update on the current number of potentially habitable planets (Earth-sized, with liquid water) will be provided.


For further information, contact:

Dr. Isaac Isaac 780-492-5691 (email)  or  Terry Singleton (email)


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Please note the location of the event is in the new Centennial Centre for Interdisplinary Science (CCIS) Bldg. at the north end of the quad You may go indoors through SAB, CAB, and Chem East from the University LRT station. For a campus map and maps of the interior of CCIS, go to www.campusmap.ualberta.ca.