Physics Teachers Day Dec 11 2015

Program and Registration Form                                        Parking Information

Our Annual Physics Teachers Workshop will be held on December 11th 2015 at the Department of Physics, University of Alberta. This year, we have a great lineup of presentations and workshops featuring Dr. Gino Fallone (Cross Cancer Institute) and Dr. Roger Moore (Department of Physics at UofA). In addition, there will be a chance to tour Alberta’s own Cross Cancer Institute (Dr. Terence Riauka) and attend a very interesting workshop about “Lego Robotics” (Jeff Warner, Tech PD Inc.). The program and the registration form can be found here.

The cost for the day is $60  ($35 for students and retired teachers) and includes refreshments and lunch at the Faculty Club. Please register by Dec 1, 2015. Payment can be made by cheque or cash.

For more information please contact

Isaac Isaac 780-492-5691 or,
Al Linville, or
Laura Pankratz 780-422-5465 or

Organizing committee:

A Towne, A Linville, A Ossowska, B McDonough,
S Cartledge, D Austen, I Isaac, J Goldie, K Basaraba, L Pankratz, M Freeman,
P Chiarello, D Skitsko, T Singleton, V Pasek, W Brower & Z Berkes

Parking Information

Parking on campus is generally constrained. Although there are no classes, visitor parking may be tight due to on-going Fall Final Examinations. The vistor parking lots closest to CCIS is Windsor Car Park (116 Street and 92 Avenue – Entrance off 116 Street).  Other main lots are Education Car Park (114 Street and 87Avenue -Entrance off 114 Street) or Stadium Car Park (116 Street and 89 Avenue- Entrance off 89 Avenue). The daily rate for parking is $14, payable upon entry. Payment machines are located throughout these lots. E-Lot (Entrance off Saskatchewan Drive, about 114 St) is also close-by, but parking is $5/hr with no daily maximum. For general parking information on the University of Alberta Campus, please see

Please note the location of the event is in the new Centennial Centre for Interdisplinary Science (CCIS) Bldg. at the north end of the quad You may go indoors through SAB, CAB, and Chem East from the University LRT station. For a campus map go to